Column Radiator Purchase Considerations

Column-style radiators are still a classic and popular choice in both commercial and domestic properties. Alongside their classic design, these radiators are also easy to operate and offer superb warmth. Their name is based upon their column-style design, with heat being distributed throughout the columns to ensure it is radiated throughout the entire room. Keep reading to hear more about the advantages of these radiators and what to keep in mind when purchasing.

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The Advantages

Column radiators are great for creating a distinct retro style which complements a room’s design by adding a touch of nostalgia. This, according to experts, is very much on-trend at the moment. However, they do not just offer aesthetic appeal, as they are packed with features which also make them a great value choice.

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This style of radiator is also a particularly good choice for bigger spaces with high ceilings which require a lot of heat. This is because they have a bigger surface area than the typical panel radiator, meaning they give off more heat. Better still, they can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, giving you the opportunity to choose a style which suits your space and preference. These radiators can also be provided in a large range of different colours and shapes, so you can choose a model which complements your room and even becomes a focal point within the home.

Important Considerations

When thinking of purchasing this style of radiator, it is important to keep in mind that whilst their large size is great for those wishing to heat sizeable rooms, it can also act as a disadvantage for those living in small flats. In smaller spaces these radiators will take up quite a bit of space, meaning a panel radiator is likely to be a more suitable option unless you choose to install the radiator in a more discreet location, such as underneath a window. If you want to see some examples of what is available, then visit Apollo for column radiators.

Furthermore, these radiators are also not as easy to clean as panel radiators due to the fact that cleaning between the columns can be slightly tricky. However, if you have a sizeable room and wish to add a touch of retro style (as well as keeping it warm), then cleaning will certainly be manageable.