How to Change a Car Battery

A flat battery can be a big problem for any motorist, yet if you lack the knowledge to change it yourself, you could be forced to pay a professional to complete what is a relatively simple task.

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Here is a brief guide to help you achieve this at home without too much trouble. If you are in a professional setting, make sure you have motor trade insurance before carrying out battery changes on cars that belong to customers.

Before You Start

There are a few things you will need to change a dead car battery – a new battery that is suitable for your vehicle and a socket set to complete the removal and installation.

Check the manufacturer’s handbook or search online to find out which battery to buy for your car. Prices vary depending on the quality of the battery, but it is always better to spend a little more if you are concerned about reliability.

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You can always check different battery prices online to get the best deal. The same goes for things like Quote Me Today online motor trade insurance quotes, which will help you avoid overpaying for key services.

When it comes to automakers themselves, some firms are more reliable than others, with Lexus leading the way in the latest driver satisfaction ratings. Of course, regardless of your car, the battery is a component that will eventually need replacing.

Main Steps

The first thing to do is get the old battery out of its housing bracket, which requires the loosening of the clamp nut followed by the removal of the cable that connects to the battery’s negative terminal.

Repeat this action to take the cable off the positive terminal, and then turn your attention to the clamp that is keeping the battery in place. Again, refer to the car’s manual if you need specific information on how a particular mounting system operates to avoid errors.

Once the battery is free, remove it with care and put it to one side, and then take a look at the tray and see if there is any corrosion that needs to be removed before you proceed.

Reverse the entire process to install the new battery – putting it in place, adding the clamps and affixing first the positive and then the negative terminals with the relevant cables.