Indian Wedding Venue Decorations

The extravaganza of Indian weddings is a combination of many things – the festivities, customs, people, emotions, and celebration of love, to name a few. And wedding decorations are an essential element to blend all this into a comprehensive whole. You can learn more about elegant wedding ideas on a budget for the wedding.  Indian weddings are made of a series of pre-wedding and post-wedding events, each requiring its own unique setting. In other words, decorations vary from one event to the other and are designed keeping in mind the mood of the festivity.

The entire wedding scenario can be divided into three parts – pre-wedding, wedding day, and post-wedding. Let’s take a look at what this entails and the decorations vary from one to the other.

Pre-Wedding Decorations

Pre-wedding events like engagement ceremonies, haldi, sangeet, and mehndi, are generally held for very close family members and friends, and the venue decorations are generally done by them. Many people hire wedding planners to organize and manage pre-wedding festivities. Decorations are dominated by the extensive use of flowers, earthen candles, rangolis, lights, dhol baja, and other elements. Everyone comes together and makes flower garlands and creates flower canopies. The seating arrangement is very casual – sometimes families use jute stools to achieve a very ethnic theme. These decorations are very attractive and personalized as they are intended for the bride.

Wedding Day Decorations

More and more couples are seeking the services of professional wedding planners as they want their wedding day to move smoothly and without any hassles. Wedding planners ensure that every little detail is met and executed with clockwork precision. With their exhaustive vendor base, they are able to provide reliable third parties who can deliver not only according to the budget but also as per the specific requirements of the married couple. The decorations can comprise floral centerpieces, luxury fabrics, large canopies with lanterns, and so on. The main aim is to create a magical ambiance that goes well with the romantic setting of the day.

Post-Wedding Decorations

The wedding day is followed by a reception where the newly married couple seeks the blessings of their near and dear ones before embarking upon the beautiful journey of a blissful married life. Wedding planners hired for the wedding day also organize the reception where the entire banquet hall as well as the outside gardens are covered in majestic carpets. The decorations are extravagant. The guests are dressed in their luxurious best. Flowers and lights dominate the entire arrangement. Because receptions are like an after-party for the newlywed couple, the reception venue is decorated keeping in mind important activities such as photography shoots.

Weddings are larger-than-life events that don’t have to cost as much if you are smart about it. Hire a wedding planner if you think that’s the wise thing to do. Planners can help you manage your finances and keep your wedding together.