Some Tips To Consider When Choosing A Diploma and Certificate Frame

There are several tips on how to get a frame for your diploma and certificates. First, they will look more credible when displayed in a professional environment. Frames can help protect them from damage but also serve as a great way to display them. Finally, the right frame is made of high-quality materials and is custom-made to fit the piece. You can purchase some different types of frames to simplify the process.

Custom framing

Whether you want to display your award-winning diploma or hard-earned certificate, custom framing can help. Jostens custom diploma frames & certificate frames are designed to showcase the award and its unique features while complementing any home or office decor. By choosing the right custom framing service, you can ensure that your diploma or award will look its best for many years. When choosing a frame for your certificate or diploma, choosing one that matches the rest of your room decor is best. A simple but decorative 11×14-inch Photo Document Frame is the perfect choice for most types of diplomas and certificates. The beveled design of this frame is attractive and complements any room, dorm, or staircase. In addition, it will bring pride of ownership and honor to your recipient. If you’re shopping for a gift for a graduate or family member, choose an 11×14-inch Photo Document Frame.

Acid-free backing

Whether framing your diploma, certificate, or other framed document, you must use an acid-free backing to protect the original content. Most mat boards contain buffers, which make them neutral, but the acid in the mat can cause discoloration and brittleness in framed documents. To avoid this problem, choose a mat board at least an inch larger than the molding or moldings.

If your diploma is valuable, consider using museum-quality framing to keep it looking new. Unlike ready-made frames, museum-grade material will protect your diploma from fading, yellowing, and other signs of age. Choose a glass with a museum-quality coating to ensure it stays true to its original color and luster. And don’t forget to choose glass with reflection control. 

UV protective glass

Protecting your diploma from fading is crucial. Its surface is made from museum-quality UV-protective glass. This glass is non-glare, allowing 90 percent of the light to pass through while minimizing glare. It also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. 

Choosing a UV-protective glass for diplomas and certificates is essential to protect them from damage caused by ultraviolet light. This glass blocks out 97% of the sun’s harmful rays and helps your diploma look new for many years. In addition, you can choose non-glare glass for locations where your diploma is displayed in bright light, while museum glass is a hybrid of UV-protective and anti-reflective glass. Lastly, choosing a fabric mat can match the frame to the school colors. Fabric mats are beautiful and a great choice for those who love mixing and matching.

Choosing between wood and metal frames

Choosing between wood and metal frames for diploma and certificate displays is a matter of taste and decor. You can match the frame to the overall room decor or opt for a more modern look. Wood frames tend to look better in traditional or rustic rooms, while metal frames bring a touch of sophistication to any room. You can choose from a wide range of ready-made diploma frame sets at Frame Destination.

Typically, certificate and diploma frames come in three materials: wood, metal, and plastic. Metal frames offer strength and a thin silhouette. They work well with modern-looking furnishings and in industrial settings. Wooden frames show off textured lines and match standard wood computer desks. Plastic and acrylic frames are lightweight and available in a variety of styles. Both are a great option for hanging. And, of course, each material offers a unique aesthetic, so you’ll never have to settle for the same style.

Getting a picture frame

When you finish your diploma and certificates, it’s time to choose the perfect frame. Most diploma frames come with a matte board. However, many are not archival. If you want to add color to your diploma frame, you can decorate the mat board by adding a ribbon or painted bevel. If you want to avoid embellishments, choose a picture frame with a double mat or an 8-1/2 x 11-inch opening.

If you have multiple diplomas, consider buying several wooden frames to showcase them. These will complement the decor in your room better. Metal frames will add a modern touch and complement minimalist decor’s contemporary look. If you are unsure what to choose, you can find ready-made diploma frame sets. A wood frame is more traditional, while a metal one will give a contemporary look.