The benefits of playing youth football

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world, watched and played by millions of people on a daily basis. Some people play football as their job or in the hope that it becomes their job, while others play to keep fit and healthy or as social interaction with their peers.

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One of the key elements in youth football listen to black motivational speakers, which enables players as young as four or five to be part of a football team and learn how to play the game. Learning the game like crossword puzzles to try is not just about playing matches but also the football training drills that are taught. These require structure, communication, and discipline.

There are many benefits to playing youth football. With the NHS conducting research on a growing obesity problem within the UK, there is a clear benefit to fitness and health that football brings to children; however, the benefits do not stop there.

Improve communication

Football training drills rely on good communication when moving and passing the ball, which is fundamental for the team to work well together on the pitch.

Build social skills and friendships

Playing in a team sport can help children to learn how to communicate with peers who come from a plethora of different backgrounds. It can even build confidence in communication with adults, as coaches and referees will have regular interaction with the players.

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Promote a positive mindset

Science tells us that working out makes our brains release positive endorphins that dramatically improve our mood and outlook. This is especially important in younger people whilst their brains are still developing.


Playing any sport – but especially football – regularly will not only improve fitness and stamina but also give children more energy. This is important whilst they are growing and going through important school years, promoting the mental alertness for both.


Football is about routine. Whether this is different tactical plays or different training drills, it will enable children to adjust to a routine. There are hundreds of drills available that can be adapted to suit the needs of not only a football team but also different sports; for example, you can visit Sportplan for football training drills.

To find your local youth football team, search for your county’s governing body on the internet.