What job did you want as a child?

When life is full of wonder and excitement, we all dream of becoming the things we most admire. As children, we want to be superheroes, adventurers, doctors or astronauts. Can you remember what you wanted to be when you were growing up? Here are some of the common ones:


When our little ones watch a TV show or film, they want to emulate that exciting world they see on the screen. In reality, there are many actors who don’t become stars but still work in TV, film, theatre or radio. Actors are also not always employed all year round and must take on other jobs too. The pass straight to Hollywood remains the stuff of dreams though.


A great many children and young people aspire to be like their favourite band or singer. As with TV and film though, the path is not always easy, and most musicians don’t achieve those heady heights of fame. There won’t always be screaming fans, but there could be recording studios, bars, private events and orchestras instead.

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One of the first influential people in our lives, aside from our family, are teachers. For kids who love school, many dream of becoming a teacher when they grow up. Teaching will require going to university and getting a degree in education.


For children who enjoy sports, what could be more appealing than spending your days doing what you love whilst getting paid for it? It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to get to a level where a good living can be made. It can be a short career too, due to high physical demands and the risk of injury. Many athletes go on to become trainers and coaches.


Joining the military is a top dream for many children. Whether it’s flying a jet, looking after weapons on a warship or commanding a tank, the military offers excitement and travel. It can be a dangerous job and requires much commitment and time away from family. If this was always your dream that never materialised, try the next best thing with a Tank Driving experience and be the commander you always dreamed of being. Visit Armourgeddon for more information.

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Many children love the idea of helping others when they grow up, just like their heroes in books and on TV. Being a firefighter is seen as brave and exciting, from extinguishing fires to rescuing people and driving a fire engine.

Police Officer

Similar to superheroes, police represent justice and doing the right thing which appeals to children. Fighting crime and helping people mimics a lot of what they see in their books and children’s TV programmes. There are many jobs available in the police force, from traffic cops to mounted police, transport officers and neighbourhood units.