Will Cloud Proxy Ever Rule the World?

What is a Cloud Proxy?
A cloud proxy is a cloud-based system where the client & web server instructs each other. It acts immediately between client & server. It provides security to access the server and escape the services from viruses/malware etc.

Uses of Cloud Proxy:
Cloud proxy uses on many platforms few best examples are Saas Application, Audio calling software, video calling app & sometimes useful in storing data center too. It is difficult to decide which cloud should we use for the best result, In this case, Agora can help you for finding in right cloud proxy.Agora.io provide quality cloud proxy services. Its features can be used for voice & video calling SDKs.

How does Agora Cloud Proxy work?

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1. Agora sends a request to the web server before connecting to Agora SD-RTN™.
2. If the request is sent successfully, the server sent the right information to the cloud proxy.
3. Now Agora SDK start work and it started sending singles & media data to the cloud proxy server
4. Agora SD- RTN ™ sends signaling and media data to the pall deputy service, which also on the data to the Agora SDK

There are a few advantages & disadvantages of using cloud poxy. But the cloud proxy becomes a necessity to use in the security of web applications, saas applications as well as in data centers. We can say that soon the time comes when cloud proxy rules the world.